Sawtooth Judgment Recovery:
PO Box 8465
Boise, ID 83707
Phone: (208) 424-8370
Fax: (208) 424-8374
Toll Free: (877) 424-8370

Sawtooth Judgment Recovery, Idaho State Collection Agency license CCA-6817, and is a registered member of the Boise Better Business Bureau.  We collect judgments on assignment using legal methods including defendant locates, garnishments, bank levies, asset seizure (when appropriate and feasible), debtor’s examinations, home liens, till taps (businesses) and voluntary collections.  Not all assignments are collectable at a given time due to the following circumstances:

Defendant cannot be located or is out-of-state

  •  Defendant is unemployed
  • There are no lien-free assets
  • Assets are not recorded in the name of the defendant
  • Assets are exempt according to Idaho law

Some out-of-state debts can be recovered.  We are able to solicit voluntary debt payments in some of the above described situations. If the debt cannot be collected at the current time, it will be put on hold and checked again at a later date.  We do not give up except for the rare circumstance in which the debtor appears to be destitute and unable to pay now or in the future, in which the creditor will be notified. This type of collection takes time, which is generally on our side.  Idaho judgments are good for five years after which they can be renewed for five more years.

Sawtooth Judgment Recovery adheres to the requirements of the Idaho Collection Agency Act, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.