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Rely on Sawtooth Judgment based in Boise, Idaho, to bring you the money that is owed to you by a debtor. When you have won a judgment in small claims court, the chances are you have not collected on that judgment. Surprisingly, around 80% of all court ordered judgments are NOT paid. In Idaho, judgment must be paid within 5 years, but it can be renewed through the courts for another 5 years.

Unless the statue of limitations has expired, you are entitled to that judgment. We are familiar with the process, and in many cases, we retrieve the money for you. You pay nothing up front—if we don’t get what is owed to you then you pay nothing.

The Judgment Recovery Process

  • You agree to assign the debt to us.
  • Using various skip tracing techniques we locate the debtor and file appropriate forms with the court
    notifying them of our intent to take action to enforce the judgment amount along with fees and interest.
  • We obtain their assets through wage garnishment, bank levies, and other legal methods.
  • You are then sent your portion of the judgment according to our agreement within 30 days of the close
    of the month it was received.
  • We file a Notice of Satisfaction of Judgment with the court when the judgment is paid in full.

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